We, at ECS have an assembly line with highly skilled and IPC Trained team capable of accomplishing jobs like Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole (TH) component assemblies with high accuracy. We provide integrated solutions to all types of electronic products from embedded systems to discrete type of products. We offer a wide range of cable harness solutions to our clients for various applications ranging from Missile Technology, Ground Defence & Under Water Applications.

Our products adhere to the stringent IPC610, IPC620 soldering and cable harness standards. The facilities are environmentally controlled and dust proof with ESD Technology. We propose to augment our manufacturing facilities with SMT assembly, BGA Rework Station etc.


  • Baking Ovens
  • Anti-static bins
  • De-humidification chamber
  • SMT Line
  • AOI
  • Manual Soldering Stations
  • Cable Harness Work Area
  • Class 100000 Clean Room Facility
  • Conformal Coating Work Area


  • PCB Assembly – SMD and Through Hole components
  • Flexi PCB Assembly
  • RF Cards Assembly
  • Relay Wiring
  • Potting and Conformal Coating
  • Cable Harness