Over the last 3 decades, ECS has been designing and developing rugged and highly specialized onboard and ground systems for both Analog and Digital configurations for Aerospace applications.

ECS has time-tested domain expertise in the design and manufacturing of integrated systems required for Aerospace applications. Our products are designed & developed to cater to prime requirements for the majority of the systems, which range from Telemetry, Servo System, Processor-based control, and Signal Conditioning Systems.

We have developed a variety of sensor units employing both conventional and fibre optic technologies to fulfil our customer’s high-speed requirements.

Built with years of expertise


Signal Conditioner Package​

Pulse Code Modulator (PCM)

Dual Channel Controllers

Rotarty Electro Mechanical Actuators (REMA)

Digital Direct drive servo controllers

Pressure Transducer (Conditioned)

Pressure Transducer (Un Conditioned)

Integrated Telemetry System (ITS)

On Board Computer

On Board Relay Unit

Telemetry Encoder

Launcher Interface Unit